Tortuga needs your help!

“In the aftermath of the October 1st raid we have recieved many messages of solidarity and sympathy from all over the world. Many people have asked us how they can help.”


“We are in need of money for legal costs surrounding the arrests of September 24th as well as the legal costs that we will incur attempting to get our personal belongings back. We had all of our cell phones and computers taken from us, we have no idea when, if ever, we will get these things back we are trying to raise money to replace them.  Donations can be made by going here.

Spread the word:

“Let people know about what happened. Link to this website, tell your friends, send tweets about the federal government’s attempts to curb free speech and intimidate us into being silent. Hold a benefit or an educational event where you live”


5 responses to “Solidarity

  1. hello hello
    we’ve seen an article about your demonstration and so much appreciate the things your doing, especially about the activities you r organizing. you can have all our support, spiritual (and ellectronical:)) at least, since we are so away!
    we are really support your ideas and feel for you cause we know authorities are biatchesss! we are a group of guys and girls striving to reorganize food-not-bombs and other anti-discrimination and anti-opression activities here (we had our first one several months ago, but we were not many unfortunatly), to build a new website to grow bigger:) and be more group.
    we also doNOT like the way things changed everywhere and here in romania since the eu entrance and we are glad to find people that are really doing something about it… perhaps in time we’ll exchange some ideas!
    glad to contact you and keep in touch!!!

  2. Dear friends of the Catastrophone Orchestra,
    we are your Italian cousins of “Collane di Ruggine”, the people who have translated and spread some of your short stories in their DIY magazine “Ruggine”.
    We have read about your adventures across the sea, learning how much thoughtful consideration you are receiving from the cops. The efforts in rebuilding a future devoured by lead and concrete is something we know well.
    May our breath reach you with our solidarity.
    Steampunk hugs
    Collane di Ruggine

  3. Their “war on anarchism” is reaching new and terrifying heights.

    Here in England the police have just admitted the existence of a new database of anarchist/socialist activists which it denies is a breach of human rights. They clearly are counting down to containment, when all of us, those that profess ourselves anarchist, will be unable to operate properly as activists – if that’s what we desire – and then what the heck will people do to confront the global order?

    It seems that anarchists are acting more and more recently to fight back, from germany to pittsburgh, belgrade to athens, london and ireland, and this is all good, in fact, it is excellent. But the situation is certainly hotting up, in terms of their oppressive tactics and our ever-determined struggle for freedom…even a freedom that oppresses nobody else.

    To me, and in my opinion, it means that we, anarchists everywhere, should not step back in the face of legal and military might, or cower away from going on protests or confronting the police and the tentacles of capitalism…No, we should not cower. We should stand up even higher and fight fiercer and harder than ever before.

    Solidarity to my Tortuga residing brothers and sisters, and may the US legal apparatus’ g20/twitter farce fall to pieces in their corporate protecting, shackled hands.


  4. none supplied

    Could you provide a wishlist of things you need? I’d prob donate if I could help w/ a specific item.

  5. wed

    hey yall, hope your new years eves treated you well.
    we threw a benefit for you down here in Asheville, it was crazy, lots of champagne being poured on people and lots of ignorant dancing. any how i havent figured out how much we made yet but we’ll be sending you some loot soonish.
    we love yall…
    and the ief got your back

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